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Scottish Independence within the EU – with a Scandinavian Slant


Will the Scottish-English border look like this?

There’s an article on Yes Scotland’s website today about border controls in Scandinavia (or rather the lack thereof).

At first I thought it was a rather pointless article, given that the absence of actual border controls is the norm in most of Europe these days.

However, as the article points out, “for those who travel infrequently, or who usually fly rather than make land crossings, the concept of moving between neighbouring countries without having to show any form of identification, or even stopping at the border, can be hard to envisage.”

So to illustrate how easy it is to cross a national border in the EU at the moment, I’ve found a small video on YouTube showing how to drive from Germany into Denmark:

Will the Scottish-English border look like this after 2014?

One thought on “Will the Scottish-English border look like this?

  • No. It should look exactly as it does now. No flags waving, just the half-hearted and official “Welcome to England” sign on one side of the road and the warm and generous “Scotland Welcomes You” on the other.


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