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The English SNP

For England and King George.
For England and King George. by William, on Flickr.
BBC Scotlandshire’s April Fool’s story about the SNP standing for election in England was very amusing, but it also made me wonder whether it could happen.

Naturally the SNP in its own right would never stand in England (not even in South Berwick or Corby), but the excellent partnership between the SNP and Plaid Cymru could — and should — be extended to England.

Unfortunately, English political parties have tended to belong to the xenophobic right, but now that Nicola Sturgeon is taking part in the leadership debates, the SNP’s political programme will become better known in England, and surely a lot of voters there will be thinking to themselves that they agree with her (and with PC) more than with any of the parties standing in England.

I therefore call on such English voters to create their own English version of the SNP. To ensure that voters don’t mistake it for a UKIP or BNP clone, perhaps the best name for this party would be “England’s Social Democrats” or similar.

The SNP could liaise with the ESD to ensure their aims were compatible, and they could be voting together at Westminster a lot of the time.

The ESD would define itself as a non-violent, non-xenophobic, anti-austerity social democratic party in favour of the creation of an English parliament as a step towards English independence.

Being English rather than Scottish, it would of course not agree with the SNP in every regard, just like Plaid Cymru doesn’t. However, using the SNP’s policies as a blueprint for this new English party would surely be a winning formula.

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  • What you are proposing is unnecessary when this party already exists. It’s called the Green Party, and they are ‘a non-violent, non-xenophobic, anti-austerity social democratic party in favour of the creation of an English parliament.’ However, most English people don’t favour independence. The Green party have the same links with the SNP as Plaid Cymru do.

    • Yes and no. I agree the English Greens are the most attractive party in England, and I believe Nicola Sturgeon has recommended that voters in England should vote for them, but they’re not formally linked to the SNP and PC — they’re linked to the Scottish Greens, which is a separate party (and not linked to the SNP in any way).

      I do agree with the Green parties a lot, but in general I’d say that the SNP has a strong sense of pragmatism that is often lacking in the former, and I think it’s this combination of strongly held beliefs and a focus on getting things done that makes the SNP so attractive to many voters.

      • Oh, I see. Sorry, I didn’t get you for a moment. Recently, Natalie Bennett, Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood met and agreed to unite where possible against austerity. That’s what I was referring to.
        The Green Party offers policies that often seen far fetched, yes, but they’re not unachievable. It’s just different to what’s been seen before.


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