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Is it the time for civil disobedience yet?

demonstration photoI saw a story recently about somebody calling for civil disobedience in Catalonia, and it made me wonder: Will this be needed in Scotland to unlock the independence stalemate, and if so, when?

Basically it seems to me that the Tories in general, and Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt in particular, desperately want to cut Scotland down to size. They’ll take powers away from Scotland, they’ll make the devolved powers less useful by giving the UK Government the last word, and there’s absolutely no chance they’ll consent to a second independence referendum.

In this scenario, what can Scotland do? The most obvious answer is civil disobedience. I do worry, however, that if it’s limited to Scotland, most Tories will not even notice. Perhaps Scots need to travel to London in great numbers to block roads or similar to be noticed, but it’s going to be hard to organise successfully.

I must admit that my knowledge of successful acts of civil disobedience is very limited. What would work? How would the British state respond to these acts? What else can Scotland do to convince Westminster that Scotland should be listened to? How big a role will the Scottish Government play in all this – should it be organised by Holyrood to be efficient?

There are many questions, and I have very few answers. All I know is that the Tories seem to have concluded that the Scottish independence movement is aw mooth an nae troosers, and who can blame them?

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