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Skintland and my mum

Skintland, a photo by MissRachel2012 on Flickr.
My mum was chairman of the local constituency Social Democratic party in Denmark for decades, so she is quite politically aware. However, she doesn’t know much about Scottish or UK politics, and until recently she didn’t really have an opinion on Scottish independence.

It was therefore quite interesting to observe her when she found a copy of The Economist’s infamous Skintland issue lying around our living room some months ago. She got intrigued by the cover and sat down to read the whole thing.

She then declared that she didn’t know what it was they were hiding, but if they saw a need to bully people into submission like that, they must be really scared of the truth getting out, so the truth must be that Scotland will be much better off as an independent country and/or that the rUK will be much worse off without Scotland.

So ever since reading the Skintland issue, she’s been strongly in favour of Scottish independence. I’m not sure that’s the reaction The Economist were hoping for!

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