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Brexit will be great – for the Brexiteers

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Many people seem to think that the Brexit process is being led by a bunch of idiots.

If only. Most of the people pushing Brexit forward know perfectly fine what they’re doing, and it makes perfect sense for them. Let’s face it:

  • Brexit is great if you have a lot of money in a tax haven, because the EU are trying to clamp down on them.
  • Brexit is great if you own health companies that can buy up the NHS when it becomes unaffordable after Brexit.
  • Brexit is great if you think a welfare state is a bad idea, because the subsequent economic collapse will make it unaffordable.
  • Brexit is great if you want the UK to be the 51st state of the USA, because there might not be any other options left eventually.
  • Brexit is great if you hate environmental protections, because the only way the UK might survive afterwards is by attracting the businesses that have been chucked out of all other countries.
  • Brexit is great if you’re a British nationalist, because leaving the UK will be much harder when it’ll involve setting up a real border (because you cannot simply stay within the same internal market and customs union).

Many people seem to think that the Tories will stop Brexit once they realise what it’ll entail. In many ways, Brexit is a Tory’s ultimate wet dream. If you don’t believe this, read Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” now. It makes sense for them. It’ll allow them finally to create the ultimate neoliberal society that they’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Brexit will only get stopped if the huge majority who don’t want to live in a neoliberal society without a welfare state realise that there is no such thing as a good – or jobs-first – Brexit.

And if Brexit doesn’t get stopped soon, it will happen – and people will then one day have to try to build up a welfare state from scratch in a failed state instead of simply preserving the existing one in a rich country.

Brexit must be stopped. It will be for the few, not the many. For the rich, not the poor. For the Tories, not for the rest of us.

One thought on “Brexit will be great – for the Brexiteers

  • According to the Guardian’s article. – Barnier contends that the UK would be unable to revoke article 50 unilaterally – a view at odds with the veteran British diplomat Lord Kerr, who wrote the famous treaty text and insists the UK can withdraw its decision to leave up until the last moment of departure. Asked whether the UK could unilaterally revoke article 50, Barnier said: “The clock is ticking. No changes in the process can be unilateral, they must be collective.” Looks like it will happen, so we only have one option open, Independence.


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